Practicum I - Observing and Recording

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Duration: 5 weeks
Hours: 225
Domestic Tuition: $695.00
International Tuition: $1185.00


<p>Practicum One is designed to introduce the student to the practice of Early Childhood Education, with an emphasis on developing observation skills and developing the skills necessary to build relationships with young children. Students will build on their knowledge of child development and begin to develop a clear picture of quality care for young children. This practicum is comprised of five weeks or 225 hours. The first week (Part One) is an observation week where students read course material, observe five different child care settings and record specific observations. Part Two is comprised of four weeks in a licensed group child care facility for children aged 3-5. During this four-week period, students learn about the role of the early childhood educator and continue to sharpen observation skills.</p> <p><strong>Student Responsibilities</strong>: Make arrangements to visit five centres for week one, and find a centre to complete the block practicum section; attend half days in the first five facilities, and full days during the block practicum, and inform the centre if you need to be absent; discuss observation assignments with centre supervisor; support staff in routines, supervision and general housekeeping; and ensure criminal record check and doctor&rsquo;s note are on file at the centre.</p>


  • To develop skills in observing and recording the behaviors of young children
  • To learn how to use classroom equipment and materials to aid child discovery and learning
  • To observe use of effective verbal and non-verbal communication with the children in order to foster active inquiry, collaboration and supportive interaction in the classroom
  • To observe child guidance and classroom management skills that are in accordance with accepted early childhood strategies and techniques
  • To observe appropriate supervision of children indoors and outdoors
  • To become familiar with learning environments that optimize children's development
  • To learn about the community resources available for families with young children
  • To communicate effectively with children and staff
  • To demonstrate an ability to work as a team member


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