"A perfect fit"

I took "Health, Safety and Nutrition" in the winter of 2010. This course was exactly what I needed. I have been working in the ECE field for years and needed a license to continue working at my center. It only took me two weeks to complete the course and now I have the assistant license I need.

The course was a perfect fit to my lifestyle as a busy mom, working full time. I could spend the day working, afternoons with my children and work on course materials once they went to bed. My instructor always offered me quick constructive feedback.

Thanks Pacific Rim!

Tallia S.

"I am an international student"

Wow what a journey so far. I am close to the end of my on line Early childhood education course and my practicum is coming in a few weeks. I have already notice a huge transformation in my academic and personal growth. This learning experience has helped me answer many questions about children that I was asking myself many times from my previous work experiences with them.

I have developed new beliefs and attitudes towards how to better understand and rear children, and developed a better understanding of our diverse world.

To be honest, before I started this course, I had my doubts: if I could successfully complete this course as I am an international student and English is my second language. I am glad I overcame my fear and doubts about my abilities and enrolled in to this course. All my worries and questions I was asking my self, such as, “Would I comprehend the text books I am going to use? Would I be able to complete my upcoming assignments? Would I able to finish each course in 10 weeks? Is my English good enough?” weren’t as bad as I thought.

Right from the beginning, I was welcomed by my lovely teacher Amanda, who made me comfortable and at ease during my first work assignments. Since then, she has become my mentor not just in Early Childhood Education, but also in the life. The courses’ text books are very well selected and easy to work with. The activities and assignments are challenging, but consistent and appropriate for each course. And having the course on-line gives me the flexibility to take the course when I can and at a speed that is comfortable for me. The evaluation is fairly rated and, when needed, input is provided.

My teacher and the administrative office is always available when needed. They have been informing me about current benefits that I could get, such as bursaries or funding opportunities, which have helped save my finances.

I have to say, Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute is a very well structured company, and runs a company in the highest professional way. I highly recommend Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute to all potential students who are thinking of enrolling into the on-line Early Childhood Education course.

Marie K.

"Be a professional in your new career!"

I would like to take this opportunity to say to anyone who is interested working in the field as an Early Childhood Educator how rewarding it is to work with children. For me, working with children is absolutely fun and exciting. You get to plan curriculums, circle times as well as just being there for children that need nurturing and love. If you really like working with children and want a career in the Early Childhood Educator field then I highly recommend taking your Early Childhood Educator Courses with Pacific Rim Institute. Through Pacific Rim Institute, you gain the knowledge and all the information regarding working with children. The courses are easy to understand as well as an assigned instructor to work closely with you. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of children as well as learning to be a professional. You will feel confident and competent with all the knowledge you learn to operate and develop a good quality program. You can reflect on your practices to create positive learning for children which is also part of being professional. You will learn many appropriate ideas to jump start a curriculum and organize numerous children play experiences that are age appropriate for their development.

I have found that doing long distance learning with Pacific Rim Institute was beneficial in ways that enabled me to be successful. You will find that the instructors are there to answer any questions, helpful in every way and there to guide you through the courses. Therefore, if you are interested in working with children; I highly recommend that you complete your ECE to gain all the knowledge and be a professional in your new career and take it with Pacific Rim Institute.

Tammy M.

New to Online Education

I want to say that I really had an unique and special experience with Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute.

I was under much stress in the weeks prior to my registration in the program: I was not sure about my English and the prospect of completing one year of on-line study. I was not sure how I would handle my job and expenses while studying. I was thinking of my all responsibilities. But now it is finished and it was marvelous. I will work hard in this field and I will try to always improve.

I would recommend your institute to everyone who wishes to be educator and to work with beauty of children's world.

I appreciate my instructor from bottom of my heart because of her support, understanding and assistance during the program.

Parvin S.