What type of English proficiency do I require?

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Each student registering at Pacific Rim must submit a 200-500 word letter of intent. This letter is assessed by the administrator prior to the registration being approved according to the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). The Canadian Language Benchmarks are an articulated national framework for describing and measuring, in a standard way, communication proficiency. Canadian Language Benchmarks enable identification of appropriate language levels required for post-secondary study. To be considered as a student and granted entrance to Pacific Rim programs, students must demonstrate that they meet a minimum of an intermediate level of language proficiency (CBL level 5 or higher) through their letter of intent essay. The essay must demonstrate: • an ability to introduce an idea and support it with some detail; • an ability to convey a message which can be followed; • good control of simple and compound sentence structures; • basic vocabulary; and • understandable spelling, punctuation and grammar. Students that are able to demonstrate these 5 criteria in their entrance essay are considered to have the basic knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve program outcomes. Each student must meet this minimum English proficiency level in order to be considered for acceptance into any program.