Where do I apply for a Criminal Record Check?

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If you already have a current Criminal Record Check that has been completed by the Ministry of Justice or RCMP (including clearance to work with the vulnerable sector) in the past 12 months, you may submit a copy of this during registration to meet the CRC prerequisite. If you do not have a CRC, one can be ordered online from the Ministry of Justice at Pacific Rim's access code is Q9CPZJMRLL. The Ministry of Justice informs us that not all students will be able to apply for a CRC on their online system, especially in cases where there is another person in the province with your name and birthday. If you are unable to enroll for a CRC online, you can order one from the Ministry of Justice by downloading a request form ( and mailing it to the Ministry of Justice instead. If you need to complete the form, you will need the following information: Schedule type: B Organization name:Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute Inc. Contact title: Program Director ID number: 961138 IMPORTANT: If you are ordering a CRC, it will be sent directly to Pacific Rim. You need to complete the registration process before you order the CRC so your information is on file and the school can contact you when your CRC arrives in the mail. All CRC's are required to have clearance stating you have no limitations for working with children.